Pass Plus Modules

Module 1:  Town Driving

This is a practical module which concentrates on observation, judgement and awareness, consideration for other road users and spatial awareness and clearance to others.  This module covers typical features of urban roads and includes multi-lane junctions, unusual roundabouts, bus and cycle lanes, under and over-passes. gyratory systems and road markings.

Module 2:  All Weather Driving

This is mainly a theory session, with practice in the other modules where relevant and the opportunity arises.  It covers safe driving in rain, sleet, snow, fog, bright/low sun, wet/oily roads, high winds, shadows and effects.  The module covers vision including the use of lights, wipers etc and the correct speed and stopping distances for various driving and road conditions and road surfaces. It also covers the topic of skidding, how to avoid it and what to do to correct it.

Module 3:  Out of Town Driving and Rural Roads

This is a practical module which concentrates on driving on all types of rural roads.  The module includes rural hazards, including negotiating bends, undulating roads and narrow lanes, mud on the road and concealed entrances.  It also covers when and where to overtake and forward observation.  This includes meeting other road users e.g. tractors and other slow moving vehicles, horses and riders, other animals and pedestrians with and without footpaths.

Module 4:  Night Driving

This is a practical night driving session which covers vehicle lighting and appropriate use, speed and stopping distances, visibility awareness of others including cyclists with and without lights and pedestrians with and without reflective clothing.  Driving at dusk and dawn, judging speed and distance, correct lighting to avoid dazzling other road users and parking at night.

Module 5:  Dual Carriageway Driving

This is a practical session on dual carriageways.  The module covers joining, turning and leaving dual carriageways, speed limits, use of the central reservation, roundabouts, forward planning, observation, lane discipline, lane changing and overtaking.

Module 6:  Motorway Driving

This is a practical session on a motorway which covers the topics in module 5 as well as assessing traffic, emerging and joining safely, judging speed of other traffic, overtaking safely and exit markers. The topic also includes journey planning, breakdowns, the use of the hard shoulder and the dangers involved.  The emergency telephone and safety procedures including dealing with other occupants and animals.