Pass Plus

The Pass Plus scheme is a voluntary scheme backed by insurance companies, Central Government and the Driving Standards Agency. The scheme is designed to help newly qualified drivers. Statistics show that newly qualified drivers are more likely to have an accident within their first two years of driving than at any other time in their driving career. For example two young people under 25 die every day in crashes in Great Britain and in their first year of driving one driver in five is involved in a crash.

Pass Plus was designed to enable newly qualified drivers to gain valuable driving experience by following a special syllabus designed by the Driving Standards Agency. The syllabus involves taking more lessons in the form of six specially designed driver training modules and consists of a minimum of six hours of training, five and a half of which is practical in-car driving sessions.

There is no test to take but drivers are assessed on each of the modules and when they achieve or exceed the standard required in all of the modules the instructor will send off a training report form and the driver will be sent a Certificate of Completion.  This certificate can then be used to qualify for a discount with most insurance companies.

Insurance Benefits

Motor insurers that support the scheme will give you a no claims bonus for comprehensive, third party fire & theft and third party policies as soon as you insure your own car.  Most insurers will give you a one year no claims bonus. The saving could more than cover the cost of the extra lessons.   This can be deferred for two years if a Pass Plus candidate currently drives under someone else’s policy, providing no claims are made within the intervening period.  This means that if you buy a car within two years of completing a Pass Plus course and have not had any claims in the meantime your first premium will be reduced by the extra no claim bonus.

The London Road Safety Unit have just launched a Pass Plus London initiative, they offer a £70.00 refund to drivers in the 17 – 25 age range who complete the scheme. To qualify for the refund and to register for the scheme the candidate must be in the 17 – 25 age range, must live within a London Borough and must have passed their car test within the last 12 months. For more details contact: Pass Plus – London, Tel no. 0845 230 1725 or email